Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hey guys, i am so so sorry that i couldnt turn up for ages, guess where i was...i am waiting....still waiting...and well, how can you guys guess, unless you have some clairvoyance or something. anyways, i was in the hospital with jason...and now youll ask what happened. so, cutting long story short, mr. jason did a suicide attempt, but failed miserably that he got his limbs all screwed up. i guess hell stay here for a couple of days. how he did it...hmmm....jumped from his university roof, tryin the superman stunt' my last wish before dyin' as he calls it. well..he is groaning with pain and i am such a pathetic friend that i cant stop laughing my head off.
the reason...even more interesting. 'i am fed up of my life' ok, acceptable, but why? hahaha, because, i am so unsuccessful in love that the second girl who i loved turned out to be three timing. well, so much to say about her bravery, but this moron...hahaha...
ok, so my question, are men really becoming love loons in this era and is everything suddenly taking a toss with time? what i mean is, are girls really stepping into the medival mans shoe and turning into casanovas, and men on the contrary becoming lovelorn maniacs?
well...its all hypothesis and even the answer will be somewhat on those lines so ill leave you guys for guessing but just a suggestion for all those men out there. the next time you try any stunt, be more inspired by batman, atlöeast he is held by chords.
cya folks