Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Its pretty shocking and i wonder sometimes why people do not want a simple life, i mean, please! give me a break! well, hi folks, i am back again with yet another hair pulling, head banging story just for you....only for you, and look how nice i am not expecting even a thank you from all you guys for my enormous contribution to literature.
anyways, coming to the story which came to me just an hour back when for a change i found jason mute and i was thanking my stars for this wonderful day which reminds me now to earmark this date on my was indeed memorable, hey cmon, it was, ok, jason was quite for a change and i simply LOVED it. i nonchalantly sipped my tea not even bothering to ask what was wrong, i couldnt take risks you know, and then, guess what happened? he spoke and there went my perfect day of silence...all shattered and i am weeping in self pity right now and my stock of tissues is over too, shucks!!!
so, he began talking slowly about how boring his life has events, no quarrels, no arguments, no nothing. life of nothingness he called it. and when i asked why, the reason would really want you to tear this guy off into tiny pieces and feed them to vultures.
you know what he said? 'remember the american guy i was having arguments with?...well, he has become nice to me of late and is not saying bad things to me and i have no spice left in my life, my life is insipid now...bland'
i stared at him for some time unable to get that on the first go till the time it slowly seeped in and i could only manage to change my expressions from confusion to mortification coz words were all lost...completely. i mean, cmon, here is a guy who wants a fight to add spice in his life? have you seen a bigger idiot? but made me think........
so, my question, are people really not satisfied with a plain road in life? do they need bumps that they call spice always to fuel their souls and to keep them going? well..its amazing to understand the complexities of the human mind, the discontentment in contentment and thats pretty lame.
but i guess, thats what humans are all about, to perpetually ignite something to form fire and then find ways to extinguish that or save themselves. the idea is pretty complex, and somewhat perverted(not the cheap one) but i guess thats the way world find ways for entertainment and striving hard to fuel their lives with dynamism. and its not wrong, its but natural, but in jasons case...well...natural would be an unnatural word to use because well....jason is..jason.
so folks, if you ever find your life into nothingness....spice it up but not the jason way please...i beg please!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


hello my beautifu how are all of you doing? i dont know why i am so happy today, i think because for a change i am looking a little better than jason, who usually is the bragger and flaunts his...well....i have to admit, good looks(it leaves a bad taste in my mouth).
ok, so todays story....pretty lame, but job compels me to share all my, here it goes
ok, so jason and i went to a party last night and well, he doesnt drink but looked so intoxicated that you cant even imagine...but, well, it didnt even matter. so i took a chair away from the madding crowd and cradled a glass of chilled coke, simply observing the funny bunch of loons trying to do something they call dance but seemed more like aerobics. now...starts the story. mr. jason, oh my god, you wont believe, said 'i love you' to so many women that night that ive lmost lost my count(approx 32) no doubt they were all friends...but 32 women at a single go! not bad at all, infact i felt a bit envious (only a momentary emotion, dont bother) but soon, my mind, yet again...began its funny dissection.
so, my question has the phrase 'i love you' lost its true meaning? i mean, isnt it like abusing the purity of the word love by throwing it like junk on every tom dick and harry? i really have no clue whats the answer to this question is because its like a modern youth cults dialect which is difficult to comment on, but i surely believe one is love o matter what and to whoever you say, its just a matter of the way you say this and your meaning is conveyed. so better take care of your nonverbal cues coz if u do the slightest of mistakes in modulation, your target love will flee away and the other unwanted 'lovers' will stick to you like a magnet.
so dont worry, say i love you and spread the word of love all around, for love makes the world go roun round round (pretty lame? i told you)
happy loving!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


well..not a bright and sunny morning today, but a cold sad night, a night of dismay, of total stillnes...blah blah blah, what a crap! well i just wanted to be a bit dramatic, so please pardon my stupidities and ill move on to my not so enthralling shit....yet again.
so, mr. jason didnt have anything new to tell me this weekend, it was his same old monotonous monologues of self appreciation that killed me bit by bit andfinally had to tell him to grab my neck and smother me than to subject me to this torture. so he shut up for a moment, but his moment in very literal terms is a moment, so, his series of blabber began yet again and in that, i caught a fragment that was worth sharing(still, dont expect much)
so, he was tellin me all about trisha(remember the kiss blooper? no? check the previous blog) so, trisha lives with a roommate, well, an apartment mate i can say, and as she is an indian, she wants all her meals to be the way she used to have in india, and well, she loathes ****** food(cant reveal the country, sorry!)
so, look at the ingenuity....necessity compels people to do such funny unimaginable things i tell you. well, indians have a staple food called rotis(thats the indian bread) which they really cant live, trisha madam had to make that and for making that you need to roll it with a rolling pin,but, as she didnt have one, guess what she did? she used a glue stick to roll that, can u imagine?? this is the height of desperation i can say. moreover, her roomate, goes one step ahead. she got an iron from india which has a 3 pin plug which obviously cannot go into a two pin socket (which is used in that unnamed country). now she needed to iron her clothes and as she didnt have one, guess what she did? she heated the iron on a stove to iron her clothes. well, innovative, i must say.
so, my question, is innovation or the ability to create common in all of us, i mean, are we all capable of doing that? or is it only for selected individuals? well, what i believe is, circumstances and situations forcefully tap that unrecognized force of creativity that we usually in normal days fail to understand. so, all you people out there, you all are creative and are born with it....its just a matter of realization. so go and realize the true force within you while i go and buy a rolling pin for poor trisha.
be creative...stay creative. happy creativity!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


hello my dearest lads, i am back again with yet another episode of (well gimme some time to decide the title) ....whateva! who'll strain so much to flaunt unwanted creativity. anyways, coming to the point and the story of the day. intercultural communication, hmm, an interesting thing to think about but trust me, it brings with it some disastrous blunders and bloopers which makes you suddenly realize how embarassing things can become for you and you only pray at that moment ' hey god of the earth, bloody split open and gobble me down, i am in deep shit!)
so something of that sort happened with jasons dearest and sweetest girl pal called trisha. ok, so let me remeber from where it started......oh yes! so here is the story.............
jason went out yesterday with his girl pal (trisha as u already know, dumbass!) for a sight seeing tour around the town and as he had recently broken up with (you dont expect me to take that abominable name again, do you? read the previous stories and youll know)he was althemore happy to find a scapegoat in this sweet girl from india to drain all his pathetic stories of pain and separation on her. so what exactly happened was that they were busy taking pictures when suddenly out of nowhere, one of their classmates appeared accompanied by two of his friends. now this guy happened to be from mexico and she really hadnt met him before, except just an occassional hi. so he shook hands with jason and then turned to trisha and bent over. well, that bending over was inplied for a kiss on the cheek which, well, wasnt, quite sadly, understood by her. so...the gallant mexican tried again and ....(i am rolling on the floor, laughing my head off) she couldnt understand that, well....ha ha ha....yet another time. so the embarassed guy just stood there mortified for a couple of moments to finally declare in his funny baritone 'well, in mexico, we greet by kissing on the cheek, i guess ...wel, doesnt work everywhere' the poor guy left hiding his face literally in shame when after a long time trisha understood what his intentions were. she even apologised later to him, clearing all misunderstandings to what he just said ' well, dont worry, i am always unlucky with girls, no woman wants to kiss me'
quite a comedy of errors i must say. alls well that ends well, but for all those who meet with an indian woman the next time....dont dare to kiss, just do.............namaste!!! (ha ha ha )

Thursday, April 24, 2008


ok, so i am really sleepy right now with the nerves of my head throbbing ceaselessly but i have to keep on writing otherwise ull miss the show. so today, i have got something which is highly experienced yet is totally controvercial and complicated to understand, explain and define. youll get to know what i am talking about once i narrate the brutal incident.
so jason met me at the university today all excited and filled with stories to spill. so, he made me sit at a corner and so he went on. the scoop of the day according to him was a popular guy of the college and his really close pal who, as he told me, had parted ways. now the reason obviously had to be a misunderstanding of some sort which they didnt even try clearing. now his version of the story was that they had a fight (some selfishness involved, i am not really sure) and it just kept on brewing till the time they officially declared and waged a cold war. as i am informed, some loyalties were lost somewhere and hence this gruesome end to a childhood friendship.
now, honestly, its really difficult to comment on such cases coz we only get to hear one version or a single dimension to the story but fail to get the others for a complete analysis. its really difficult to decide what went wrong and whose fault was it and in such cases where its not really defined who is to be blamed, i believe, they both are. fine, i agree they miscommunicated and had some problems but as they were 'friends' they couldve sorted it out by being vocal...which they obviously didnt prefer. now its not a single man process, its a relationship and hence has to be from both ways. ego doesnt count in friendship and even if you find the other side obstinate, i dont find it wrong to kneel to your ego and approach to solve problems. this is a solution of what i call as..'the middle syndrome'. in relationships theres no middle way, either its there or it isnt, you cant expect to form a strong bond on the foundation of pure diplomacy . hence, the formula saves you from hanging in the middle and choosing the left or right, which obviously the fate decides , and gues decide your fate. friendship is truly a sensitive relationship which is made out of choice, so you always have all choices preserved as to what you want to make of it...or rather make it or break it. its all in your hands as its your creation. i wont say that about all relationships, but friendhip, i guess, is truly a matter of choice. i remember one of my relatives saying to me once 'we can choose our friends but we cant choose our relatives' which i guess makes sense now,and i am sure he knows it holds true for everyone and in all circumstances. but i am not propogating the system of 'a kink should be cut' rather i would say, if you face a kink in the thread of your friendhip then please try to untangle it before it gets too meshed to come out of, for, in that situation, cutting is the only feasible solution. i guess, this is one thing i am really not sure of and hence would abstain from commenting any further. you have the liberty to decide and the freedom to make way for the fate of your relationships. its you who choose , so go make your choice!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


well, this aint a song of a broken heart( sorry for plagiarising, but found it really cool!). heart and love, the two most cliche words i have heard in the last couple of days and honestly i have not been keeping up so well due to all the diabetese inducing mush i was subjected to and my doctor has kept me on a high dosage of insulin....poor me, i am dying of self pity.
ok, so from where did this all begin? you guessed it right! started from ....well....yet another time...jason! who guessed? please come and claim your prize. anyways so jason dropped by last night and he had those puppy teary eyes and it surely got me worried as i never see him this way, usually, though it was a respite from his eccentricities. so i got a bit tensed and had a volley of questions thrown at him on a single go with no rebuttals. pretty strange spectacle that was. so after a long tiring wait, he finally managed to open his mouth to utter ' blimy left me'. well, i couldnt get it on the first go but the first thing that got processed in my mind was ' yipppeeeeeee, finally! finally i got saved of calling that funny name, it was devastating' but, anyways, i had to act sympathetic and trying to bite the smirk under my lips, i designed a nice fabric of consoling statements which worked to my astonishment. so, a bit later, i got to know that blimy had dumped him for some other guy and this jack ass(jason) is blaming himself for her unfaithfulness. well, i got a bit irritated, initially at this but couldnt really say anything to him, matter of compassion and nothing else. and then the most nerve breaking lines i have ever heard in my entire life. 'i dont want to live! i want to die!' i am like, hello! excuse me! dude, are you in your bloody senses? well i managed that by counseling him a bit but left me contemplating the whole night.
so my question. is love the priority of our lives? and if it is(for all those who nod their heads like bobble heads in agreement) how do you define it? is it just plain lust which is for the majority of the population and if its not, then how do you really say you are in love? i guess most of you would say that my love is my best friend, the one who cares for me, shares my pains and happiness and blah blah blah, but honestly tell me, what do you really think of it?
ill tell you the majorities perspective. love for them is that scapegoat which for some time takes all the shit they have to say on the pretexts of being so called in love (because its fashionable to be in love or called committed) but after a while when you do everything you were supposed to do(if you know what i mean), all work done, good bye, have a great life. is that love? mere projections on valentines day? religious phone calls and long hour chats just for the sake of it? walking hand in hand because its meant to be? well, if you think its a yes, then i guess you should just go out of this blog coz i havent seen a more shallow guy/gal like you.
why do we get ready to do anything for that someone who stops loving us and is unfaithful? (as in jasons case) how can we even have feelings for somebody so disgraceful? i mean, fine, i agree you had feelings, and its difficult to purge them immediately but going to extremens is mere foolishness. and especially for somebody who you havent even spent a day properly with.
so tell me, is love all of that i stated above or is it much more than that? you talk of heart all the time but ever thought of the real emotions? did you ever try to understand the extent of your feelings for somebody minus his/ her physical qualities and exterior? if you are finally able to look above all of that and penetrate the interior, then only declare that youre in love. i know almost half of the population knows, says and promotes all that i say, but how many of us really implement? well, i know you dont have an answer and that in itself answers the tragic state of affairs. its really sad how the sacred word of love is being so shamelessly exploited and used so carelessly without any meaning and depth. i dont expect a change, but would like to effect one. only if you all (the jason breed) realize how insignificant these trivialities are in our lives. theres a life ahead and beyond and people can not be the end. just give this a try, i think i make sense.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


so here we are on a yet another bright sunny morning, i dont know how the weather is at your end but i am savouring every bit of the sun right now, what a respite from the torturous cold! so, you must be eagerly waiting for me to start my shit coz i am sure only those handful of cuckoo brains read my blog who are actually interested in adding a bit of crap in their lives. so for them, i am working hard, yet again, and so, here is my story for the day-
complication is the most complicated word that i have ever encountered. it actually compels me to think and analyze that how people complicate such simple issues of their lives into something so massive and uncontriollable and that too without any convincing and explanable reason. so it all started with jason and his friend (as usual, the problem child) who came ramming my door into my house and actually gave me something nearing to a cradiac arrest. well, they had a list of problems and as i am their unofficial and hence unpaid counsellor, i get to be the sounding board of all the shit of their lives. so now listen to this. they met this girl at a station who they said was looking pretty hot and they stepped up to her and started this random converstaion (just on the pretext of her looks, imagine! how lame)so, she exchanged numbers with them and they immediately reached cloud nine thinking the girl is very interested in them and would meet them again and the trail of dirty thoughts....
so, guess what? that girl called them yet again, and they fixed up a meetin, met both of them and they had a fun night out. now comes the catch. after their splendid night came to an end, the girl produces a whole list of things she did with them with the prices. imagine! they looked at her mortified and thinking she was a whore began saying things like ' but we didnt even sleep with you and stuff' which was so lame and she got immediately offended. i guess she was one of those paid professionals for friendships and stuff. now they dont have the money they owe her and she has all the plans to sue them. i rolled down my seat laughing when i heard the story and they got so angry with me that they left immediately and i guess i have to call them and apologise now, which i havent done since yesterday. shameless me!
now comes the question. why do people dig holes for themselves to fall in. i mean, do they not see the repurcussions of what they are doing or are they so blinded by their stupidity that they fail to understand how ridiculous they are. we always crib ' we are in deep shit and i am in trouble' but did we ever realize who creates these troubles? its not like it suddenly crops up from nowhere and like a weed tangles around your feet pulling you down into a bog. its you and only you who creates them and fall in your own creative traps. i know sometimes you dont really see that somethings coming up and you are not really prepared but theirs a solution to everything and prevention is any day better than cure. why do something or take decisions you are not sure about. when i say this, this shouldnt be misinterpreted as 'never take risks' infact, risks are what sometimes make u a better person, a stronger man, the road not taken is sometimes the road to be taken. but what i mean is, when you feel things might not go right and you know it can lead to 'complications', simply avoiding the route is the most advisable decision and solution. now it works for me, i dont know about you guys, but it always worth a try, and its not even a 'risk' to 'complicate' more. what say?

Monday, April 21, 2008

I vs I

I have always believed in the power of the mind, have actally experienced it several times, and am continuing to excavate its boundless domains with each passing day. but today, i want to discuss something which actually, like always, compelled me to think and realize how big a slave we all are..of this mind!
it, as usual, had to happen with jason, my close pal as everbody knows. well, it wasnt exactly him who was involved and who i'll be writing on, but his girl friend who has a ridiculous name and has a funny music to it, called ' blimy'. i mean, what kind of name is it? i was actually telling him either to re baptize her or leave her, or, the third option, never to bring her around me coz its really irritating to call her blimy in public, i mean just imagine that awful noise the name has!!!
anyways, sorry for derailing and getting back to what i was discussing. yes, so what exacly happened was that (its a really small and funny example but i guess it makes a lot of sense) blimy(ill call her miss b) and i were walking back from a superstore and had to take a bus as the next station was at a distance and jason was waiting for us at the next station and we were already running late. so, we took the bus and just next to the only two empty seats availble was a pretty girl sitting with a huge german shepherd(for all those who dont know, thats a breed of a dog) now the dog was just laid carelessly on the floor, not caring much of whose coming and going and was pretty well mannered, and surely i was impressed by the owners capabilty of training so well, and ...was, to a certain extent impressed by the owner herself, i mean, come on, she was actually amazing looking! ok, so back to the story. so, miss b clung to my shoulder and suddenly declared that we arent taking the bus and if we are, we'll just stand. i stared at her for quite a while, a bit mortified as, well, this was the only bus that we got after such a long wait and the incompassionate (i feel like usin a bad word, but ill restrain) lady wants me to stand when because of her i was walking for 2 hours in that ugly place filled with uglier women. and that too, just because she was scared. fear.
now a question. what is fear? where does it come from? well, its a very difficult thing to say but what i understand by this term is that its the most dangerous disease anyone can have. i agree we all fear something. phobias we call them. but that just doesnt come to us one fine day like a bolt from the heaven. it has a past, a history, and the mind...knows it all. it kills you bit by bit and you dont even realize that. its slow venom, but we keep on overlooking that till the time its actually late. we all are shackled, enslaved by our own our own selves. why do we fear anything external when the serpent runs right in our heads? she didnt fear the dog, she feared the mind which compels her to believe that the dog would harm her. on the contrary, my mind was made to believe that its a harmless creature, and hence the respective reactions to a common stimulus. and remember, i am not just talking of fears as material as the example stated above, but the fears which encompasses everything we are reluctant to do, all the emotions that we fail to feel, and all the thoughts that we refuse to understand. they are all fears of our own personality and your mind is the biggest player who juggles you and you readily succumb to it with no resistance. so whats the conclusion? whats the solution?
its very simple, learn to say 'nO'. the moment you say no to your own self, your mind starts fearing you, its just a matter of self confidence, of self restraint. we constantly are in conflict with others but did we ever realize that our biggest enemy lies within us? to win the world you have to win the battle of self vs self. and trust me, the moment you succeed to hoist your flag of victory, the world will be a better place to live in.
so, ask yourself today, who do you want to be, me

Friday, April 18, 2008


hello dear readers, i am hogging on chips and tea so happily, taking a sigh of relief coz jason just left and because of him i had to miss my meal. he and his problems, my god! its like, i think, i should start calling problems jason now. like for instance...'i have a jason or something like u r such a jason for me' (i know it sounds pretty lame but you have no idea what i go through everyday because of him) or rather, i guess, u have started knowing. you know what, whenever i hear the doorbell these days and i am having dinner or any meal for that matter, i restrain from opening the door, simply fearing to find him and if by all odd chances i land up finding him gawking at the door, well...there goes my meal and then by the time ill sleep he'll load me with all his boohooo stories and then i get so tired to cook that i have to retire with my stomach really angry with me. anyways, i have found effective scape goats in all you guys and so be ready to take all the shit that i have to endure each day, and here comes the one for today-
so he came as i mentioned earler at the oddest time possible and started discussing his sister with me(whose pretty hot by the way) he told me that his sister(i dont really remember her name, but m sure it starts with an m, so we'll stick with m) used to be a real nice girl, taking care of everybody and being positive about the world till the time people started taking her advantage and wounded her severely, emotionally. now when these things have started again, she has changed herself completely and is planning all the moves ( as she puts it by saying, 'precautions') beforehand and everything is under control now. nobody can hurt her now as she is already five steps ahead everone and knows whats going to happen next. but what he was concerned about was that ' would she be losing her real self, her identity, her purity in the process?'
well, what i think is, its a very complicated question with a real simple solution. i believe that be nice to people who are nice to you, be genuine to them like you are, but to those who target your self respect and pride, rebound towards them all that they throw to you. why do people link the words planning, plotting and scheming with the negative? like i always say, we have all the tools, its just that for what purpose and with what intentions you use them. planning can sometimes be really fruitful, can actually serve a huge purpose, but once that threshold gets crossed, you land up doing wrong. therefore, understanding that thin line, that microscopic separation between good and bad becomes really important. its just a matter of correct decision making and your discretion. innocence and preservation of that is a matter of choice. people keep saying that time takes your innocence away from u and you no longer remain so simplified as you were. well, i disagree with it. yes definitely, with time, a lot of additions happen, but subtractions are all in your hands. its your choice if you want to purge evrything that you were and remain with the things you have. but nobody can and will take the right or the capability to conserve and preserve your righteousness. its you who needs to decide what to do and where to draw limits. its a question of how well you understand your needs, yourself. we name things and words as positive and negative, but who knows what really means by good or bad. yes certain things can be totally justified but what about ambiguous things like emotions? who terms them as bad or good. its a matter of perceptions and circumstances.
so just grow wings and fly , just break the borders and free your minds

Thursday, April 17, 2008


oh my god! i really cant believe how one person can fall into troubles or to put it the other way, how the world finds ways to corner and target one unfortunate guy who usually tries to distance himself from the worldly politics. so you all, i guess ,must be knowing jason by now, my close pal, if you remember! so( i am feeling pity for the guy, really! as i write this) what exactly happened was, well i am really not very sure of the facts and jason doesnt know that the gory details of his personal life are spilled in public. any wazs, ill handle that later if he ever questions me about this, while you guys enjoy and savour the spice called life-
so as per my information, jason was paired in one of the classes as a group project with a harebrained chic who at the first go was really a pleasure to talk to, someone fun and jolly, but as events unfolded, her venomous ugly face came alive. so they were discussing something about how to manage intercultural groups and stuff and slowly she started imposing ideas over him, negating all his opinions and vetioing everything he had to say. he patiently dealt with that for a while till the time she started giving those `i know it all smirks' which really gets on the head and slowly seeps in and makes u sick to your core. that was the moment when he resoved that-ok, so here comes a female park and well, now she'll see me in action. so now, in retaliation(which has become his strange propensity) he started giving plain retorts to every sarcasm of hers till the time she finally managed to laugh her donkey brey and submit to what he said. after that came the disastous presentation where jason took the lead while she shamelessly smirked satnding mute at the back, proving to the audience how dumb she was. now alls said and done but as usual i have a question- why cant people mind their business and opinions to themselves? i mean is it too hard to shut up if you dont like the opinion rather than simply jump into the battle field with a sword to slice all throats? if you really dont agree with the person, their are thousands of ways to express that, than to be totally defensive or abusive. what is i guess the most preferable route to take is that just nod your head and after the person finishes you might start with something like ' i guess you might be right but i think....' this, i think is the most effective way of communication without hurting sentiments and threat to your social circle. but i guess, its easier to say than do, thats whats the problem with half of the world. i would surely forward this idea and everybody(or atleast the majority) would say 'yeah its true' but how many are going to actually adopt this? none! and thats where the problem lies. all of us are becoming air filled balloons, just ttally inflated with nothing to say and do. and trust me thats a sad state of affairs coz the ones who do, do all wrong and the minority of those who try the right are suppressed and imposed by people like the fat chic. i have no solutions to this other than to say, just give it back to those who deserve it, thats the way to be, so go for it. what say?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i have a bit of problem with the world, i realized today. its not that its a serious issue to ponder upon, but, i guess, its a bit frustrating more than anything else. well, i call it ' living the american dream' and as usual, my pal jason becomes the inspiration to torture those seldom pair of eyes which due to some unfortunate circumstances access my blog and then go bald pulling their hair trying to figure out what i want to say. but well, best of luck to those men of steel, and it goes..
so, jason, as i know him and as most of you who already are acquainted with him through my previous blog(i guess its a clever way to make you return and go through the prior mess of mine) is a real stud, someone with a head over his shoulders, someone who is super confident and wish to effect a change in the world through his concrete, unstirrable(if thats a word) opinonated grey matter. to him, everything has a logic, a profound analysis, and sometimes he gets really irritating with his pensive, contemplative facade, but i guess, i have got used to it. so, now coming back to the sad state of the world which compelled me to make it vocal. jason is a journalism student and is usually surrounded by an international team comprising of students from a multitude of nationalities like china, german, japan and...america! well, thats the word, that insufferable word(with all respect to america and the americans) which paved the way to a flaming or rather charred argument. so, as mentioned earler, he has an american guy called park doing the same course and unfortunately or not, this nemesis of his even shares common subjects...each and every one of them! now this guy has an inflated ego, so huge and massive that it can create one cellestial body with that. he is concieted, arrogant, a smart alec and all the synonyms to entail that, and well, to an extent, jason is remotely the same, yes the intensity varies, but, in over all approximation, he is a counter current to this dude. well, now they are in a european country presently(name cannot be disclosed) and the inhabitants of that nation are..well..pretty biased, and thats from where the real story begins. now, the entire class is usually quite at all times, might be due to the boredom but the most likely reason could be the handicap of english, as well as ...well, not sure, but...dumbness. so, at all occassions, jason and park are the only two active participants usually, and well, looking at them carry on that 'lively interaction'( which sometimes results in out and out action) its! so, what exactly happened was that the professor, a scrawny chinese guy, started asking questions and the moment jason raised his hand(and his point was pretty impressive), he was shown a clear sign of ignorance and the question immediately was forwarded to park, and guess what, park is a garrulous and a nonsensical speaker who, when talks, is uncontrollable, in length and in shit. jason overlooked that immediately and waited patiently for the next turn and to his utter astonishment, it happened again and again and again. and this wasnt the first time it happened, it was a repetition of some previous events with a slight difference, the proffessor. it was outrightly humiliating...disgusting! jason still spoke in retaliation, out of turn, just to prove his point, though it didnt help much. and now, even worse, he was shown a clear indication of bias when that scrawny ******* started sayin that ' our american friend should be an inspiration....' and blah blah blah over something which was totally out of context. jason left the class in frustration.
so, now my question, leave park and his irritating constitution, but why is half of the globe revering americans as if they control the world. is it just because the world feels subservient to them or is it because they have been lifted to an elevation by the same globe to be treated like god? who elects superpowers? who has the right to decide the weak and strong? who gives the liberty to draw lines between superior and inferior? is it that the world wants to be america and wishes to live the american dream just because they are assumed to be 'the cool part of the world' ? utter bullshit! what is so specal in them that we dont have , or you? i was just thinking recently that its such a pity that america doesnt even have a so called culture in its truest definitions, come to think of it. what can a tourist buy in america thats truly american? any guesses?...well ill tell you, its pure snob and nothing else. the world should learn how to patronize and condescend from america if they really are desperate to learn these traits. an inflated empty balloon, thats what america is and i really have no clue why the world has created this hallaboo about it. its just a nation with a bunch of guys thinking they are kings of the world and are born to rule while the smarter part of the world slowly steal their chairs away and they are left blabbering ,and thats it. i have nothing personal against americans but everything personal against those bunch of loons who worship the white house as if its the holy shrine of jesus. what has happened to what we called as loving who we are, respecting are culture and ethnicities? has it been cornered in your big wide eyes, now only giving place to the american dream? think about it, is it really worth it? is losing yourself the solution to success? i guess ones with a bit of sense got what i wanted to say and the others who didnt...i guess you just wasted your time reading this, this was for sensibles not for imbeciles.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Human mind is a dangerous equipment i tell you, on one side it can create wonders, things totally unimaginable and ingenuous and on the contrary, the most meagre, petty and mineal thoughts are also the products of this splendid mechanism. well, i am not here to sermonise on how the brain works neither are you attending a 'know your anatomy' lecture, but...this is much more than that, something you experience everyday but never realize till the time something disastrous happens and shakes your world to the core and you think(still shaking though) 'dude, what just happened, time to open my eyes.' so here is what i call- its a human sign
well, this is a story, not actually a story but a situation to substantiate how this whole thing works, what the dynamics of this complicated phenomenon are, and restraining from being more verbose, ill shoot, coming straight to the point considering you and your poor nerves.
so, a guy called jason (he is a great pal of mine) gets into school and immediately is accepted strongly by all his counterparts. girls croon over him, pay extra care to win his attention and even feel jealous if he divides his focus to someone else. all in all a really popular guy with looks, brains, culture and ...most importantly something called a heart which i guess is a commodity of total envy and slowly started becoming a pebble in the eye to the prowling scavengers around him. so, this pride of hungry lions started plotting a scheme to drag the guys popularity into drabs and though they knew he was slowly gaining a pace which they would find difficult to match, their jealousy trancsended all bounds of respect which compelled them to dig holes. it started witha rumour which brewed into something so massive that it became completely impossible for jason to dodge, so he took the route of respect expecting others to realize their mistakes soon, but he never knew it wasnt so easy, things are more complicated than they seem and his analysis to derive a solution was going baseless. in the meanwhile, all his fan following got disoriented, his friends, who he realized later were all fake, distanced themselves from him, abandoning him totally, wishing strongly to break him, to take all that he had from him, his pride, his dignity, but what they never knew was that his self respect was what made him who he was, made him stand on his two feet again and which never let him shatter and he continued persevering towards his aspirations, finally turning numb at the end to his abandonment. for him, he mattered the most, his existence was pride to him, his mind was his strength and his heart was...his weakness. his feelings were pure, his emotions had transparency but thats what the world couldnt understand, they couldnt understand his genuinity or envied his individuality. in the meanwhile a slow alliance developed between him and two others who rowed in the same boat and in a split second, they became friends. now slowly he began to understand himself, his flaws, where he erred and very soon got an opportunity of a lifetime where he realized the dynamics of society, of true friendship and of preservation of individuality. he understood a very important thing in life that one who can help himself can help others and till the time you let people take your leash, youll be treated like dupes on a string. so, he finally, reconstructed his character, he had to, had to adapt to the prevailing circumstances; abandonment is not the ultimate solution. the difference is, whether you actually walk with others, or is it your shadow. the shadow concept is what people dont seem to understand, which, he employed, and, well, he started playing a game this time, called, life. he had always thought of others but no one cared, this time it was jason who had the dice and the others merely acted on his commands. now he had won, he had changed, for the better? thats a paradoxy, but what goes around surely comes around and he did the right thing. but did he become like one of those? did he compromise on his individuality, on his identity? well, thats where most people confuse modification and change. its a matter of the exterior. its like changing clothes and wearing masks, its development of a parallel identity, switching in automation when sensing negativity and becoming genuine the very next moment to a positive stimulus. he realized the significance of masks and what we call as hypocrisy and pretentions is not always for the worse, it depends on the perceptions and the organized use of the tools. now a question arises, do all rights have to turn once into wrong to make things right again? well, analytically, its very apt, its applicable and just give it a thought and youll realize that for making a positive, the positive has to cut his legs to fall on the lower level to make the lower understand theres a better world up there because the lower can never know otherwise what lies above, though every human being has that innate ambition to touch that but due to certain insecurities and constitutional deficiencies, they fail to. i wont blame them, not every body is born so strong to fight all odds and fend for themselves , it requires courage, in loads, but once you do it, trust me, the air of freedom which you breathe is elevating, is emancipating.
so what makes you an outcast? is it the society? is it the world? no! its no one but you. so the next time you find yourself deserted just keep walking and dont stop or look back and then see how the world follows you. they need a leader, so be one, break the shackles and free the mind, win the world for now...its your time.