Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Its pretty shocking and i wonder sometimes why people do not want a simple life, i mean, please! give me a break! well, hi folks, i am back again with yet another hair pulling, head banging story just for you....only for you, and look how nice i am not expecting even a thank you from all you guys for my enormous contribution to literature.
anyways, coming to the story which came to me just an hour back when for a change i found jason mute and i was thanking my stars for this wonderful day which reminds me now to earmark this date on my was indeed memorable, hey cmon, it was, ok, jason was quite for a change and i simply LOVED it. i nonchalantly sipped my tea not even bothering to ask what was wrong, i couldnt take risks you know, and then, guess what happened? he spoke and there went my perfect day of silence...all shattered and i am weeping in self pity right now and my stock of tissues is over too, shucks!!!
so, he began talking slowly about how boring his life has events, no quarrels, no arguments, no nothing. life of nothingness he called it. and when i asked why, the reason would really want you to tear this guy off into tiny pieces and feed them to vultures.
you know what he said? 'remember the american guy i was having arguments with?...well, he has become nice to me of late and is not saying bad things to me and i have no spice left in my life, my life is insipid now...bland'
i stared at him for some time unable to get that on the first go till the time it slowly seeped in and i could only manage to change my expressions from confusion to mortification coz words were all lost...completely. i mean, cmon, here is a guy who wants a fight to add spice in his life? have you seen a bigger idiot? but made me think........
so, my question, are people really not satisfied with a plain road in life? do they need bumps that they call spice always to fuel their souls and to keep them going? well..its amazing to understand the complexities of the human mind, the discontentment in contentment and thats pretty lame.
but i guess, thats what humans are all about, to perpetually ignite something to form fire and then find ways to extinguish that or save themselves. the idea is pretty complex, and somewhat perverted(not the cheap one) but i guess thats the way world find ways for entertainment and striving hard to fuel their lives with dynamism. and its not wrong, its but natural, but in jasons case...well...natural would be an unnatural word to use because well....jason is..jason.
so folks, if you ever find your life into nothingness....spice it up but not the jason way please...i beg please!!!

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