Tuesday, May 6, 2008


well, its been a long time, i guess, since you last heard from me and i am sure you must be worried and keen to know where ive been for so many days. well, dont worry i am alive and was around but had piles of projects to finish, so couldnt really find time for you guys(i know it sounds pretty rude...but well, truth is bitter my friend!)
anyways, today i have a very interesting thing to share, something which i truly believe in but sounds pretty lame to everybody who listens to me and they just simply stare at me as if i am some specie of an alien race speaking jamaican, and give that irritated expression which simply means 'dude! just listen to yourself, what shit are you talking?'
well, so today jason is not a part of the story for a change, and i am glad to have found some story without his holy involvement. so, what happened was that i accidentally opened the television last night(accidentally, because, it was actually an accident, an affair of chance my friend) and then when it was booming the house down, i decided that, well, when its opened i might aswell oblige the poor idiot box with my sacred stare. so, i aimlessly started flipping the channels to finally freeze on some news which was covering some women activists fighting for female rights, screaming 'we want rights for women' and stuff of that sort.
well, i watched that funny act for some time but honestly, it left me thinking. well, its a country which propogates equality and has given ,well, a little too much, come to think of it, rights and privileges to women that now men are, what i feel, deprived of rights. we have special quotas for women, special reservations for women, exclusive seats for women, but for men? nothing! because well, 'what are men? they dont need anything right? who cares about them, whose concerned about how much progress they make or whats their right and position in the society?`
funnily, the present day scenario is that women are being delivered all that the government call 'for the motive of equality' which is a bit more than equating, leaving men way behind the league. so is it our fault that we are more in population? thats not an excuse to snatch away our pride from us, and today i declare that i will stand up for male rights and unleash a new campaign of social justice called 'masculinism'. so all men of the world who feel that they are being pushed back into subservience, stand up and raise your voice, you have the freedom to rise, to voice your opinions and attain yout rightful throne. so what are you waiting for men, charge!!!!


life...great teacher said...

I don't really agree with this whole issue of males being pushed back and stuff and neither do I agree with the reservations policy specially ear-marked for women. Doesn't make any sense; on one hand you want to treat women equally on the other hand you try to subjugate them by bringing out those ridiculous laws and acts.
All these empowerment stuff is just a bunch of empty vessels having a competition as to who can make the loudest ruckus!!
What I believe is just, let the men and women be...they'll progress without the govt.'s kind 'interference'. As it is people are so messed up, it will mess up them more!!

Hestia said...

fuck off..