Friday, April 25, 2008


hello my dearest lads, i am back again with yet another episode of (well gimme some time to decide the title) ....whateva! who'll strain so much to flaunt unwanted creativity. anyways, coming to the point and the story of the day. intercultural communication, hmm, an interesting thing to think about but trust me, it brings with it some disastrous blunders and bloopers which makes you suddenly realize how embarassing things can become for you and you only pray at that moment ' hey god of the earth, bloody split open and gobble me down, i am in deep shit!)
so something of that sort happened with jasons dearest and sweetest girl pal called trisha. ok, so let me remeber from where it started......oh yes! so here is the story.............
jason went out yesterday with his girl pal (trisha as u already know, dumbass!) for a sight seeing tour around the town and as he had recently broken up with (you dont expect me to take that abominable name again, do you? read the previous stories and youll know)he was althemore happy to find a scapegoat in this sweet girl from india to drain all his pathetic stories of pain and separation on her. so what exactly happened was that they were busy taking pictures when suddenly out of nowhere, one of their classmates appeared accompanied by two of his friends. now this guy happened to be from mexico and she really hadnt met him before, except just an occassional hi. so he shook hands with jason and then turned to trisha and bent over. well, that bending over was inplied for a kiss on the cheek which, well, wasnt, quite sadly, understood by her. so...the gallant mexican tried again and ....(i am rolling on the floor, laughing my head off) she couldnt understand that, well....ha ha ha....yet another time. so the embarassed guy just stood there mortified for a couple of moments to finally declare in his funny baritone 'well, in mexico, we greet by kissing on the cheek, i guess ...wel, doesnt work everywhere' the poor guy left hiding his face literally in shame when after a long time trisha understood what his intentions were. she even apologised later to him, clearing all misunderstandings to what he just said ' well, dont worry, i am always unlucky with girls, no woman wants to kiss me'
quite a comedy of errors i must say. alls well that ends well, but for all those who meet with an indian woman the next time....dont dare to kiss, just do.............namaste!!! (ha ha ha )

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Hestia said...

vikkooh - i d like to ask u - is jason a figment of ur imagination