Sunday, April 27, 2008


well..not a bright and sunny morning today, but a cold sad night, a night of dismay, of total stillnes...blah blah blah, what a crap! well i just wanted to be a bit dramatic, so please pardon my stupidities and ill move on to my not so enthralling shit....yet again.
so, mr. jason didnt have anything new to tell me this weekend, it was his same old monotonous monologues of self appreciation that killed me bit by bit andfinally had to tell him to grab my neck and smother me than to subject me to this torture. so he shut up for a moment, but his moment in very literal terms is a moment, so, his series of blabber began yet again and in that, i caught a fragment that was worth sharing(still, dont expect much)
so, he was tellin me all about trisha(remember the kiss blooper? no? check the previous blog) so, trisha lives with a roommate, well, an apartment mate i can say, and as she is an indian, she wants all her meals to be the way she used to have in india, and well, she loathes ****** food(cant reveal the country, sorry!)
so, look at the ingenuity....necessity compels people to do such funny unimaginable things i tell you. well, indians have a staple food called rotis(thats the indian bread) which they really cant live, trisha madam had to make that and for making that you need to roll it with a rolling pin,but, as she didnt have one, guess what she did? she used a glue stick to roll that, can u imagine?? this is the height of desperation i can say. moreover, her roomate, goes one step ahead. she got an iron from india which has a 3 pin plug which obviously cannot go into a two pin socket (which is used in that unnamed country). now she needed to iron her clothes and as she didnt have one, guess what she did? she heated the iron on a stove to iron her clothes. well, innovative, i must say.
so, my question, is innovation or the ability to create common in all of us, i mean, are we all capable of doing that? or is it only for selected individuals? well, what i believe is, circumstances and situations forcefully tap that unrecognized force of creativity that we usually in normal days fail to understand. so, all you people out there, you all are creative and are born with it....its just a matter of realization. so go and realize the true force within you while i go and buy a rolling pin for poor trisha.
be creative...stay creative. happy creativity!!

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