Tuesday, April 29, 2008


hello my beautifu lreaders...so how are all of you doing? i dont know why i am so happy today, i think because for a change i am looking a little better than jason, who usually is the bragger and flaunts his...well....i have to admit, good looks(it leaves a bad taste in my mouth).
ok, so todays story....pretty lame, but well...my job compels me to share all my crap...so, here it goes
ok, so jason and i went to a party last night and well, he doesnt drink but looked so intoxicated that you cant even imagine...but, well, it didnt even matter. so i took a chair away from the madding crowd and cradled a glass of chilled coke, simply observing the funny bunch of loons trying to do something they call dance but seemed more like aerobics. now...starts the story. mr. jason, oh my god, you wont believe, said 'i love you' to so many women that night that ive lmost lost my count(approx 32) no doubt they were all friends...but 32 women at a single go! not bad at all, infact i felt a bit envious (only a momentary emotion, dont bother) but soon, my mind, yet again...began its funny dissection.
so, my question has the phrase 'i love you' lost its true meaning? i mean, isnt it like abusing the purity of the word love by throwing it like junk on every tom dick and harry? i really have no clue whats the answer to this question is because its like a modern youth cults dialect which is difficult to comment on, but i surely believe one thing...love is love o matter what and to whoever you say, its just a matter of the way you say this and your meaning is conveyed. so better take care of your nonverbal cues coz if u do the slightest of mistakes in modulation, your target love will flee away and the other unwanted 'lovers' will stick to you like a magnet.
so dont worry, say i love you and spread the word of love all around, for love makes the world go roun round round (pretty lame? i told you)
happy loving!!!


aheli said...

a truer word never said!! but you know, its not always necessary to say it... No wonder, they say, silence is Golden!! sometimes speech kills where silence would have sufficed!!

life...great teacher said...

Blah! We were pretentious idiots!